About Alpha+Victor

Female Veteran Owned

ALPHA+VICTOR is not affiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs(VA) and does not represent the VA in any aspect.

ALPHA+VICTOR will never sell your contact information.

ALPHA+VICTOR is HIPAA Compliant and will help you keep your records and personal information secure.

Who we are

ALPHA+VICTOR has the knowledge from a retired Independent Duty Medical Technician in the United States Air Force with extensive experience in medical record reviews while on Active Duty and has reviewed records for numerous veterans for their VA disability claims. You have the confidence that ALPHA+VICTOR is veteran owned and operated and offers comprehensive military medical record reviews to assist former service members to pinpoint medical issues they may be able to use for disability claims.

We at ALPHA+VICTOR have worn the uniform. We have been deployed. We have left military service and have dealt with the anxieties of dealing with the unknowns on the other side. We have also received lower disability claims and have had to fight for the percentage we deserved.  We want to help other veterans reach this goal as well.

What We Do

We provide a comprehensive record review of your military medical records and advise you of what medical issues you may be able to claim, or what medical concerns may have been previously missed in previous claims.  

After you obtain your in service medical record and upload to encrypted server, we can provide a free initial consultation. 

How We Keep Your Information Safe?

We ask our clients to utilize Google Drive.  Our clients have complete control in adding and removing access to their personal information.  Clients have complete control of our access to their information.  This system also prevents loss or destruction of sensitive information through the postal service and other delivery services.