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At ALPHA+VICTOR, we are committed to helping other veterans at reasonable rates.

ALPHA+VICTOR is an independent service that provides medical record reviews and advises veterans of possible disability claims they may be able to make to help with initial disability claims or boost their percentage of current overall disability rating.

ALPHA+VICTOR is not a Veterans Affairs (VA) entity, nor associated with the VA system.

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Unlike other consulting firms, ALPHA+VICTOR does not charge a percentage of your estimated VA disability increase.  We will provide you with a free initial consultation and evaluate if we can assist.

Every veteran has different concerns, and ALPHA+VICTOR is sensitive to those needs.

We will not charge a veteran if we cannot assist.


Casey M., SSgt
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I’m so grateful that Alpha Plus Victor reviewed my medical records from the 6 years I was in the military. A+V found items in my medical records that were missed by the VFW rep. Using their service improved my rating by 20% from 80% to 100%. A+V was very professional during all my interactions and all my medical & personal records were handled in a safe and secure manner. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone looking to file a VA claim.
Jacqueline V., SMSgt
USAF, Retired
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As my 20+ years on active duty in the Air Force was coming to a close, I thought I had a good idea of what medical conditions I was going to claim through the VA. After consulting with Alpha Plus Victor they highlighted things in my medical and personal history that I hadn’t considered previously. With their help and guidance I made follow-up appointments and got the additional documentation needed to file my claims. During the process, A+V was professional and communicated with me in a timely manner. I felt that my information was safe and secure in their hands. Their experience and first-hand knowledge was evident throughout and was key in helping me navigate the VA system, resulting in a 100% Permanent and Total (P&T) disability rating. Alpha Plus Victor’s consultation service is an invaluable asset to have in your corner!
Ed Q., CWO2
USCG, Retired
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Boom 100% P&T, thanks to Alpha Plus Victor’s expertise and knowledge. After A+V reviewed my medical record, they were able to find key evidence to substantiate my claim. With that information and documentation I was able to win my claim. It’s extremely difficult for a regular person to interpret all that medical information. Even more difficult to understand how to use that information. The VA is only going to approve your claim if you can provide facts and evidence to substantiate your claim. A+V's knowledge will lead you to victory. I say victory because unfortunately it’s a a battle with the VA. You can’t win a battle without a game plan and knowledge. A+V will give you that.
K.D. Ware, MSgt
USAF, Retired
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Before I knew it, I was coming up on my retirement from Active Duty service. I was fortunate enough to get an internship prior to retiring. Unfortunately it left me with few opportunities to sit with my VA rep to help me with my claim. I ended up submitting on my own from what things I already knew that were claimable. I initially received a 70% rating. After consulting with Alpha Plus Victor, I not only realized I should resubmit but I had left out a ton of things from my original claim. A+V did a complete and thorough review of my entire medical records. I was provided with true and concise documentation that supported my case for resubmittal. Not long after my resubmission, I was quickly rerated to 100%. A+V's experience, expertise and professionalism had everything to do with me getting a proper rating. Alpha Plus Victor is truly a remarkable consultant and I undeniably recommend to anyone!
Sabrina P., SMSgt
USAF, Retired
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When there are NO words that can express how you feel what do you do? I have been FIGHTING for 10 years… do YOU HEAR ME?… TEN YEARS to have a war related injury service connected. I struggled, I was frustrated, I cried and I gave up so many times over the years until a dear friend reconnected with me and turned it all around for me by connecting me with A+V services. I served 18.5 years in the Air Force and was medically retired. I tried to fight the retirement so close to my 20 but this was where my chips landed. I was retired and left with whatever documentation wasn’t provided to the VA to complete my service connected injuries. I was physically hurt, mentally drained and overwhelmed. A+V saved me and MY family. They helped me obtain those documents, help me articulate my service connections to the multiple doctors I had to see and the VA. Less than a year later I had my 100 percent service connected disability. My heart has been so overwhelmed but humbled with joy. I have been struggling trying to take care of my family and falling short so many times. I always felt safe with providing my information to A+V and they ALWAYS encouraged me. Helping to refuel a fire of “get up and go get mine” that I needed. I had worked with several agencies over the years but A+V provided what none of the others did… patience, understanding and RESPECT of my pain (physically, mentally AND emotionally) . THANK YOU 🙏🏽with the furthest depths of my heart
Antonio M., TSgt
USAF, Retired
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I served 22 years in the U.S. Air Force and my experience with Alpha+Victor was absolutely amazing. Their professionalism and thoughtfulness is second to none. They showed that they were really invested in me receiving the best possible outcome with my claim. All of my records and information were secured and handled with care which made me comfortable and confident in their services. Alpha+Victor has an endless amount of knowledge and information when dealing with claims. I was even informed of numerous programs and benefits that I was eligible for, that I was not told about during my TAPS briefing prior to my retirement. I don’t believe I would have been awarded my 100% P&T without the assistance of Alpha+Victor. I highly recommend Alpha+Victor’s for anyone who appreciates outstanding care and customer service with outstanding results!
Michael F., SMSgt
USAF, Retired
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Alpha+Victor is a beacon of support for veterans navigating the VA disability claim process. Their consultation and encouragement were invaluable in kickstarting my claim journey after years of struggle. Thanks to their guidance, I submitted my claim and received a VA rating of 100%. Their dedication to assisting veterans is commendable, making them a highly recommended resource for anyone seeking assistance with their VA disability claim.